31st Velvi 08-01-2021 Satsang English (Translated)

31st Velvi 08-01-2021 Satsang English (Translated)

Sathguruve Saranam! Santhosham

  • Clarity is to see the Truth within the Guru’s form. (தெளிவு குருவின் திருமேனி கானால்),
  • Clarity is to realize the true essence of Guru’s Name and say it.(தெளிவு குருவின் திருநாமம் செப்பல்),
  • Clarity is to listen to the true essence of Guru Thathuvam.(தெளிவு குருவின் திருவார்த்தைக் கேட்டல்)
  • Clarity is to contemplate on that Truth, the Self, the Mei Unarvu, which is Guru. (தெளிவு குரு உரு சிந்தித்தல் தானே)

Glossary: Dhyana(m) – Meditation

  1. With the pure Grace of the Guru, that which exists eternally everywhere, as One and as everything, filled in the limitless pure cosmos, that supreme Paranjothi that exists in the pure darkness, is the root, is the first and the complete, is the beginning and end, is infinite and unparalleled, let this Supreme Paranjothi, the Guru, bestow grace upon all the Mei gnana asiriyar, Mei Gnana Selvar selviar, mei unarvalargal, all the world intelectual, all those who performs penance to protect the world.
  2. All that originated from Paranjothi is Paranjothi. All that which originated from the Moolaporul(core substance), exists in the nature of this Moolaporul.
  3. This Moolaporul exists as Moola Sakthi(Core Energy). The Core substance and core energy is not different. The electric energy and magnetic energy exists together. Similarly the matter or substance and energy is always together.
  4. Thats why Sivam and Sakthi are not different. Sivam and Sakthi are always in union.
  5. When That is Still, it is Sivam, When That moves or vibrates, it is Sakthi.
  6. They call this Sarasaram(Saram+ Asaram). Saram means movement, Asaram means no movement or being still. Therefore That exists as saram and asaram.
  7. Holy blessings to Realize this Inner State, and from there live a wonderful life with the family, society, country and the world in unity and in good relationship.
  8. What is the use of Dhyanam? How many type of Dhyanam are there? What to do in Dhyanam and Where to do Dhyanam? How long should one do Dhyanam? etc and many more question arises to you and still you are searching for the answer.
  9. This question was not raised today. The Parameswari(That which governs the entire Universe) asked this question to the Paramesawaran(Supreme Easwaran) the for the welfare of the world mainly the human beings:
  10. “Oh Parameshwara, this mankind is always in grief and sufferings. They do not understand the truth. They still do know what to realize. They search everywhere to find the state that they need to attain. Oh Parameshwara, show the way for the mankind to live always in wellnes and prosperity.”
  11. The eternal, Supreme Eswaran, the Parameshwaran says, “Mahadevi, Dhyanam is the one that gives all the bliss, all the prosperity, Bogam(5 sense pleasure) and Moksham(Liberation).”
  12. “In the earth, mankind gained Gnanam about geography(earth science), thermal physics(heat), aerodynamic(air), liquid physics(water) and Astronomy or space science(space). But still they did not understand the Supreme Gnanam, the Supreme Truth that is beyond all these 5 elements. Though many people studied all the vedas, upaishad, puranas, Idigasam, they still do not understand the truth within these texts.”
  13. “So I will teach you that Dhyanam. If mankind peforms this Dhyanam, they can accomplish all the welfare such as physical wellbeing, Mental peace, intellectual clarity, Bogam(5 sense pleasure) and beyond this also that Supreme Bliss can be attained .“
  14. Human beings contemplates on God, has questions such as; Does God exist or not? If God exists, then is it a from or name? If God is a form, then is it a from with 2 hands, 4 hands, 1 or 2 or 5 heads? Many forms and many names are there? So what is True God?
  15. When mankind tries to reach a certain clarity, again they go into further questions about various religion, what is the best religion? is my religion the best? and so on and so forth.. Many problems arises because of this difference. Mankind is always in some or the other problem and now Corona is the new problem. That too it is evolving steongly with new strains.
  16. Further there are various diseases because of birds and animals. So physical problem, mental problem, to live here there is financial problem and because of that there is debt, and beyond this there is problem with intellect which raises questions like; How is this Universe created? what is in the space? How is the earch rotating? This Sun shines very bright? What exists beyong this Sun? We are able to see the Moon? What is on the other side of the moon? Without knowing the answers for these, the intellect is confused.
  17. Beyond light there is darkness. What exists in darkness? Is everything manifesting from darkness? Is everything manifesting because of darkness? For all these contemplation the answer is Dhyanam.
  18. So what to see in Dhyanam? Eliminate all the other problems and just take one. Do you really exist? If you really exist, Who are you? The you who existed yesterday, some say that you do not exist today. Until yesterday, in what did you exist? You existed in the body. Now the body is Still without doing any actions.
  19. Yesterday you saw, you listened, you smelled good scents, tasted good food, spoke very well, did all good things, but today in dhyanam, you have eyes but you don’t see, you have ears but you don’t listen, you have mouth but you don’t talk, you have hands but your still. So what governs you from within? If that is you? Did you realize yourself? Do you exist in past, present and future?
  20. If you do some action, you need to get the right result for it. From that action, your energy should rise. Similarly in Dhyanam, in this you exist as You within this body. There is no external action involved while in Dhyanam.
  21. When you are doing some work, if you create disturbance for someone, that person will say “Be quite for sometime and sit in a corner“. But how to be quiet?
  22. “Realize the place and the substance where one could be in silence, without any chants and without holding your breath, Being in this Stillness is Dhyanam”.
  23. Even for Parameshwari, Parameshwaran taught about Dhyanam. Since we are all children of this Paramam, definitely the mankind will also have the same question and therefore this science has to be taught. Without one teaching this Gnanam, One could never gain knowledge.(தொட்டுக் காட்டாத விதை சுட்டுப் போட்டாலும் வராது).
  24. So relaize the place and the substance or the sakthi. When one realizes this, one can attain Moksham or Mukhti(Liberation).
  25. This is not the state which you attain after you leave the body. Just being within the body, you can realize that supreme truth. This is Jeevan Mukthi. Therefore a human should live as Jeevan Mukthan.
  26. All that came from Paranjothi, are paranjothi. Realize this supreme truth. This is Dhyanam.
  27. You have 3 states. Physical state which is action, Mental state wihch is dream, Intellectual state which is sleep. You revolves around in all these 3 states in your life.
  28. There is a source of all these 3 states. That is source for you and Universe. It is the source of everything. That source is Atma. realizing this Atma is Dhyanam.
  29. So Parameshawaran says to Parameshwari, “What to do Dhyanam on? Contemplate on the Glorious Supreme Guru. Pray to that Guru. If one pray to this Supreme Guru, mankind can attain everything. So my dear Parameshwari, you must only tell this to people who desire to attain this state. Never tell this to people who do not have trust on it. tell this to a person who want to reach the highest state. Tell this to an intellect who desires to know the Self.“
  30. You are all doing this Dhyanam. You are all doing various physical and breathing practices to reach that higher state. Why do you have to do all these practices? Because only if have a healthy physical body, you can realize that which is within this body.
  31. Now you are listenting to this sathsang, but you are unable to sit. Many of you say that you unable to sit for dhavam because of the body, and more than the body, the mind also does not listens to you.
  32. That is why somehow it is necessary to introduce your true Self to you. Because everyone wants to develop higher in this life. One way to develop higher is Dhyanam.
  33. So one must find clarity. One need to truly find a way to experience Santhosham.
  34. I dont want to cook, but need the food to be ready. I dont want to study, but should clear in exams. How can only get good result without doing any work for that? Only if we do something, we get the results for it. This is karmapalan.
  35. So in this Dhyanam, you are made to focus on the Netri(Forehead eye) which is state of action, Pidari(backhead) which is dream and sleep state, and the source of these 3 state is Uchi(Top Head) is the Peace state. Everyday you exist and revolve around these 3 states. But only from this Uchi, from the Dhyanam, you can do all that you desire.
  36. That Universe is within your Uchi. All that you think while you are awake, reaches That, and That gives all you desire. That place is the place of Self, the place of Guru, the place of Parabrahmam.
  37. “Everylife, the nature, all the living being manifested from me. Everything merges within me” says Lord Krishna is Gita.
  38. Uchi is the space of Paramathma(Supreme self), the Krishna. You do not need to go anywhere. You have the entire universe within you. You exist within this universe.
  39. So, realize yourself. Search yourself within you. This is the wonderful state within you. This is the path of Dhyanam.
  40. This state cannot be understood through words. For example you see a Taj Mahal, how will you explain the beauty of it? No matter how much you explain about the construction of taj Mahal, the person who listens to it must desire to visit the place. The only way to experience the beauty of the place is to visit that place.
  41. Some take photos, video and show it others. Some people feel that they cannot travel because of physical or financial problem, and therefore they feel it is enough to see it in pictures and videos.
  42. But there is a longing deep within to somehow visit the place. One can only experience and realize to fullfill this desire. If enough efforts are not taken to visit that place, one cannot visit that place.
  43. So for 18 days you have been trained to recieve this Inner Gnanam, this Mei Gnanam. From this state, all that you desire shall be fullfilled.
  44. In the penance, wonderful situation is created for you to live the way you want to live in the earth.
  45. Likewise, completing all the duties here on this earth, and merge back to were you came from, this is Mukthi. Holy blessing to everyone to reach highers states in everything!
  46. You will live a long life for 116 years, first 24years of youth, next 44 years of middle age, last 48 years of old age. Therefore until you are alive in this body, do good to everyone. This Dhyanam is a way to live an independent life and at the same time live in unity with others.
  47. As I take you to this blissful state, you also experience this blissful, peaceful state with Love from within. Holy blessings to everyone to do your duties, from this state of Love.
  48. From the forehead center, pray to that God that exists in darkness. (நள்ளிருளில் நட்டம் பயின்றாடும் நாதன்). Nadhan(God) is within you. That nadhan is Gurunadhan.
  49. That Gurunadhan is Still, in the state of Siva, therefore he is Siva Gurunadhan. Such names are kept for many.
  50. You dont have to search or chant any mantra. Your divine parents thought about how you have to be and gave you a name. Just by chanting your name, you will become That.
  51. As you listen to sathsang of Guru, you will transcend deeper within. So for that, there was a state where one did sashtanga namaskaram to the Guru. Meaning prostrating by placing entire body on the ground with raised hands.
  52. To Prostrate to the Parabrahma Guru, we practise Panchanga namaskar, that include prostrating with forehead, 2 hands and 2 knees on the ground. This way the female breast does not touches the ground.
  53. This panchanga namaskar gives a strong Will to human beings. It makes a person realize the supreme bliss, the Self that is within. That is why we practice this Panchanga namaskar first in the ALAYAM.
  54. As the mind focuses on the breath, which is the lifeforce, slowly the breath becomes lighter, mind merges with the Suzimunai(Forehead eye)
  55. To attain this higher state, the noble path is thorugh Sariyai, Kiriyai, Yogam, Gnanam. Sariyai means breathing in, Kiriyai means holding the breath, Yogam means breathing out, Gnanam means the peaceful breathless state. Gnanam is the fundamentals of Mukthi. To attain Gnanam, stay in this peaceful state.
  56. Everyday you are doing 1 minute silence. If you practise this with Mei Unarvu, you can reach this peacful state within 1 minute.
  57. So my dear divine beings, attain your divine state. My dear Paranjothis, attain the Paranjothi. My dear Atmas, reach your Atma. This is the 4th state of dimension. Attain that Atma! Attain That Atma.! By attaining this state, you will attain all the bliss, all the wellness, this state is the source of all the Bogam, and Mukthi.
  58. So my dear beings, trust yourself. Trust this supreme truth. This peacful state is the reason for everyhting. This is the state of being Still. You and Everything expanded from here and merged here.
  59. There is no more birth for those who reached this state. You are eternal. If one trusts this “One Word, Guru’s Word“, you will become that. I am saying this from My state. Listen to my words from your Uchi and become that.
  60. Even if you leave the Guru, Guru will not leave you! You understood all the external things. But you did not understand the Guru that is within you! Guru is not the one who hold this physical body. Guru is within you as Mei Unarvu.
  61. Guru is within your in all 3 states. Experience this Guru in your Dhyanam. As you experience Guru, as your experience your Self, you and Guru are not different. Guru is you, you are Guru.
  62. “I am You. You are me. Both you and me are that ‘I’.“ You came to this earth to experience this. You forgot yourself because of your external attractions and desires. Again to remind you and take you back to source, is this path of Dhyanam.
  63. What you desire, you will attain that. So far all that happened are in your experience. Since you feel all that happened for you was good, all that will happen also will be good. You are not ordinary.
  64. You forgot the sakthi within you. You thought you are the body. Since the body is changing, you thought that you are changing. You thought you are the mind , you thought you are the intellect. You are the Mahasakthi. You can create anything. So trust yourself. All the changes are because of you.
  65. You and the world are not different. You are world. You are everything. You are pure. You are Atma. This is within every being. That which is within me, and that which is within everything is That. This is the experience of Self. Everything ends here.
  66. Scientist(Vignanis) does not experience this bliss, this peace. They research on external things with external eye. You are the Meignani who transcends Vignanis. You experience that through your inner eye.
  67. Express this Unarvu to the world. This is the purpose of your birth. You are Avadharam. You came down from above.
  68. This is all that you need to know. You need to attain this state. You can get many degress, postion and power. But they are all temporary. This inner state is eternal, never changing. From this Dhyanam state, come to action, dream and sleep state. In every state you do not forget this self state.
  69. Be Paranjothi. That is the manifested nature. All that is manifested is Paranjothi. Become Paranjothi. I am Paranjothi! I am That!I am That!I am That!
  70. Through you, the world will change. Your thoughts will come into action. Holy blessing to do your duties from this blissful state.
  71. Duty of the Guru is completed. Time has come for you to do your duty. This is the Golden age of Paranjothi. Come to protect the world! Come to protect the world peace! Come to protect the Mother earth! Come to protect Universal peace!
  72. I am in your action. I see what you dream. I see when you sleep. I see everything from within. To see me, you should come within. This is Self state. Come to the Self. Holy blessing to all of you, to protect this world from the state of self.

Santhosham! Santhosham! Santhosham!