Universal Peace Foundation - Europe

It  has received the purchase order to conduct “WellBeing / Stress Management” yoga courses within Airbus Group at the Ottobrunn site for 2014 and 2015.

Aim of the course

Manage and Remove Stress, Improve the Quality of breath to improve the quality of life

Stress in WorkLife

52% of the Working Germans are under Stress
according to the Health Ministry Report 2012


Happy people are more productive


Individual Engagement with their own minds is directly related to the way they deal with team and work environments

2015 - March to June

22 employees of Airbus participated
78%+ of the people reported positive results
2 sessions were provided

2014 - Oct to Dec

27 employees of Airbus participated
75%+ of the people reported positive results
3 sessions were provided
Tuesdays 07:30-08:30am
Thursdays 17:00-18:00,18:15-19:15