Mahasakthi Meditation Center

At Mahasakthi, we teach Kundalini centric Meditation to raise oneself from a Body-Mind-consciousness (lower) to Self-Inner-Conscious state (Higher) for common folks who have never touched yoga or meditation before, a mother, a engineer, a Business Enterpreneur, a top level executive, normal worker or school going kid. We live in information world bombarded by lots of information and data most of it is pretty useless for the mind to comprehend. As a result our breath has been corrupted, our minds overworked and our inner beings tired. What we offer to prepare is by improving the quality of breath , the quality of life can be transformed. By proper breathing and breathless state the balance of 5 elements in the body, namely Health and Stress management can be acheived and thats what we can.

The UG based organisation is a child organisation of Universal Peace Foundation , India and all that our teachers is product of Gurumahan Paranjothiar, a modern enlightened Yogi from SouthIndia

Vision of  Mahasakthi is to bring the possibility of the ancient Indian technique of Meditation to the modern scientific minds.

Health Values

Yoga teaches us, literally, how to master our minds and bodies in a organic way. Physical and psychological Health are basic gifts of regular yoga practise. Mastery of breath gives mastery of life , space and time

Feel Good

Bright Mind

Exercise More

Symbiosis Always

Meditation Teacher Training

The Gnanapeedam is located in Thirumurthi Hills in course of Western Ghats. Thirumurthi Hills is highly praised for its spiritual abundance with prevalent of the divine vibration of so many Rishis. It is also referred as “ThenKailayam (South Kailash)” in the ancient literatures.

About 100 Kms from the Coimbatore Railway station. About 18 Kms from the Udumalapet. The Gnanapeedam is open from 5.00 AM to 9.00 PM everyday.