MahaShakthiyogam Teacher Training

MahaShakthiyogam Teacher Training

Being a Mahashakthiyogam teacher- Day 1

Dear Fellow practioners,

Just to recap the subjects we covered in the day one of the teacher training

  1. Guru paramparaThe Pancha Anga Namaskar, 5 limbed salutation with triangle
  2. Meaning of Guru salutation
  3. Importance of a Guru for a disciple/practioner ?
  4. Comparison with other paths of Yoga and why this is called Root path ?
  5. A practical effort for each one to share a small time being a teacher and instructing others
  6. Why should one become a Teacher, what are the motivations ?

This blog will not recap all the answers in a straight jacketed documentation form but will still keep sufficient details for you to come back and revisit the basics that we did. The structure of Yoga is based on the Trinity (Priniciple, Practise, Result) – tattuvam dhavam gnanam

The answers to each one of them will raised as individual posts, i suggest that you contribute to this content

-A good beginning