Founder of Universal Peace Foundation (UPF)
Kundalini Guru living in South India,Thirumurthi Hills
Performs 21 day Penance in silence for every year from 1989 for Transformation of world


Gurumahan was born Jayamani – 1955
Age of 7 , had Out of Body experience and realized “I am not the body”
He pursued his quest by taking inner Guru to be Swami Vivekananda
With 12 years of practice and at age 19 met Gnanavallal Paranjothi mahan , got Initiation and got enlightened through the following siddhis

  1. Kaya Siddhi
  2. Yoga Siddhi
  3. Gnana Siddhi


Seeing a Vision within himself In 1994, Started ashram “Universal Peace Foundation” in Thirimurthi hills , the birth place of Maharishi Patanjali
He designed the course MAHA SHAKTHI YOGAM and simplified the Kundalini Yoga to make it accessible to normal human being who is living a married life, doing his regular job yet practicing the development of Inner consciousness
His message and teaching is that “Universal peace is possible only through Individual peace”
Started the 1 min meditation at 11.11am approved by Malaysian parliament for world peace and by mayor of Omaha, Nebraska, US
Was awarded UN peace ambassador by UN Malaysia branch
Performs penance inside Pranavalayam (Pyramid) for 21 days in silence for welfare and transformation of the world
In 2013 he continued the penance for 64 days for the Protection of Mother Earth
So far he has completed 25 such penances for the larger well being