Jeeva means life energy and Raksha means protection. Jeeva Raksha is meant for protecting the life energy, enhancing vitality, immunity and stability. Jeeva Raksha is a 3-hour program designed by the ambassador for peace His Holiness Gurumahan Paranjothiyar in the year 2018, with a fundamental principle to take preventive measures against infectious diseases.. The outcome of this course is a 3 minute practice that can be practiced everyday by anyone above age of 18. Jeeva Raksha course has been offered to thousands of people in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, UAE, Europe, US through various UPF centers across the world.


  • Body is made of of 5 elements, therefore Physical balance is achieved by stabilizing the 5 elements of the body: Earth, water, fire, air and space or atoms.
  • Mental Balance is achieves by stabilizing the 3 dosha: Vata, pitha and Kapha.
  • Intellectual and the life forces is raised by stabilizing the heat and blood circulation of the body.

Generally a normal human beings breaths for 15 counts per minute. A yogic breathing will reduce this count to 12. While performing Jeeva raksha, 4 states of breath is observed. Breathing in(Poorakam), Holding breath(Kumbhakam) breath out(Rechakam) and Silence(Soonyakam). By practicing Jeeva Raksha at the rate of 1:4:2 meaning 3 counts Rechakam, 12 counts kumbhakam, 6 counts poorakam, only 3 breath is taken per minute. This can also be increased to 10:40:20 to make it 1 breath per minute. Therefore by performing this jeeva Raksha, human beings will acquire longevity of life with great immunity and youthfulness.