Third eye initiation

During the initiation I felt a warm string pulling up my spine, during the meditation I did not feel that much, I was just focusing on my third eye, with my eyelids vibrating.

Right after the meditation I felt really sensitive to light, everything was really really bright. The air was vibrating and everything was flickering. Everything was very intense. Already during the meditation I felt the need to lay down.

When I layed down after the meditation I felt like energy was pulling me up, like my body was floating.

I really needed air and I felt nautious. I felt a stimulus satiation, like everything was too much.

The day after: I feel highly sensitive, my hands and feet are tickling. Everything is more intense, louder, brighter, colors are more intense. During the day I felt great, really happy, full of energy.


Simply Better Breathing

My name is Claudia .I am an employee in Airbus .

Yoga classes from Vijay slowed my breathing and helped me stay calm


Close your eyes & take a deep breath

Fully engaged employee and 100% active mother, meditation brings me some time for myself. It is the right balance between my working life and my private one. It is also a wonderful approach of a self-reflexion about what is important for me and on which issue I want to invest my energy. After a session I feel well. It is a good way to take off my stress. For my mind perspective and my body feeling I fully recommend this approach. Thanks Vijay for this great experience!

Finance People Development Expert

Another Dimension of Yoga

Mein Name ist Edith Schmid.Ich bin Angestellter in offene Dienst.Ich practiziere seit über 20 Jahre Hatha Yoga und in der Zeit habe ich viele Pranayama Übungen erlernt

Doch die Yoga Stunden bei Vijay sind für mich von solch einer Intensität und Dynamik, wie ich es in meiner langen Yoga-Praxis bischer nicht erlebt habe. Ein ganz andere Dimension von Yoga.

Edith Schmid

Energy very good

I received the Kundalini Initiation and my concentration became very good