What is Stress?

Stress from point of view of Yoga is the clogging of the nadis psychically and physical constriction of Brain and nervous System. This is much like the clogged water pipe resulting in inefficient Water flow. Same way Stress blocks brain/body energy flows.

Stress relief with MahaShakthiYogam – PranaShakthi

MahaShakthiYogam – PranaShakthi is tailored for the Corporate World was given as research and following observations were made by practioners in a 8 week course

  • Longer deeper relaxed breath
  • More mental space
  • Emotional calm
  • The patterns return in 1 to 3 days

Stress – Defining the Problem

When this stress patterns becomes a habit, it is registered in the brain. This affects and alters permanently the breathing Rhythm of the individual
Mental and emotional Stress leads to thoracic breathing and breath becomes shallow.  Any thought from forebrain travels over a period of time to back brain and into the central stem. Stress therefore starts at Forebrain and percolates from the backbrain into the central stem.

Cause of Stress (Mental)

  • More demands than resources
  • Less time , more work to do
  • More multitasking with same areas of brain leading to drop in productivity
  • German government health report says 52% of the working Germans are under Stress
  • One dimensional activities
  • In todays world , specialist function often leads to a person working on the same task for more than 8 hrs a day
  • As the same part of the brain is used resulting in tiredness + Brain alternating every 90 mins from left to right, same part of brain is put under tremendous workload . The others parts of the brain suffer from Lack of work
  • When the brain says “No” we take stimulants like coffee, choclates etc to put more pitta (heat) in to the brain and force it to work
  • People who work with their brains are found to have more Uric acid deposition over a prolonge exposture

Measuring Stress - Stress is measured inversely proportional to the depth of breath

Breath Stress Levels Number
Throat Stress++++(>6 months) 5
Chest Stress+++(>3 months) 4
Between Navel and Chest Day or Week Stress 3
Navel Relaxed(minimal stress) 2
Below Navel Happy 1

Principle – Deeper the Breath, Lesser the Stress

MSY PranaShakthi is being positioned as a holistic solution to stress